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Advisor role

DFSIN - Accompanied by a financial security expert

Get professional advice and enjoy peace of mind

In our distribution network, financial services professionals take their work to heart. They are well aware that, in the current economic context, clients need to be reassured concerning their strict adherence to professional standards. This is why they perform their duties in accordance with the regulatory standards imposed by the various provincial bodies governing their practice, as well as the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.

  • Alberta Securities Commission

  • Autorité des marchés financiers and Chambre de la sécurité financière (Québec)

  • British Columbia Securities Commission

  • Financial Services Regulation Div. (Newfoundland and Labrador)

  • Manitoba Securities Commission

  • New Brunswick Securities Commission

  • Nova Scotia Securities Commission

  • Ontario Securities Commission

  • PEI Securities Office

  • Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission

Be accompanied by an expert

Representatives meet with their clients to help them plan their financial future. Together, they analyze the client’s financial needs, develop an investor profile and establish a customized financial security plan.

Because financial products can be complicated, representatives help their clients choose the right solutions by making products easier to understand and by explaining how they work. Personal contact builds a close relationship between representative and client.

It takes more than just training and technical skills to be a good representative. Appropriate behaviour, governed by the profession’s code of ethics, makes a representative a true expert.

Representatives use their knowledge and know-how to serve their clients. Their diplomas, licenses and professional designations confirm their qualifications.

Continuing education helps representatives develop their expertise over the long term and follow market trends based on their clients’ expectations.

Choose a representative you trust

Above all else, the relationship between client and representative is based on trust. Obviously, the representative’s credibility is a key factor, but being a good listener is even more important. By listening attentively, representatives can properly identify their clients’ needs regarding insurance coverage and financial information. As for credibility, it is related to competency and know-how.

This very personal business relationship is characterized by the mentoring and support representatives provide to their clients, from the initial contact to the after-sales service and follow-up meetings.

The support of a solid network

Representatives associated with our network are supported by a network known for its dynamic energy and its partnership with the financially solid Desjardins Insurance1, itself a member of Desjardins. As the largest cooperative financial group in Canada, Desjardins has 5.8 million members and assets of more than $157 billion.

The network also supervises the professional practice of its associated representatives. Desjardins Insurance’s lawyers and compliance consultants support the representatives, helping them comply with the regulations governing their practice and guiding them with principles that ensure professional performance in all their business dealings

Our technological tools, marketing materials and training programs provide the representatives in our network with the highest quality professional services, thus promoting the continuous improvement of their business practices.




1 Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, a provider of life and health insurance and retirement savings products.